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A SBA workout is where BMC assists the owner in re-organizing the business and personal assets to minimize their exposure to secured creditors, and then negotiates settlements for the elimination of debt. Yes, this sounds too good to be true, but we are experts in SBA loans, personal guarantees, landlord lease re-negotiation, and creditor settlements.


across the country eliminating debt from balance sheets and settling personal guarantees for pennies on the dollar.

Call us at (401) 390-3800 to schedule a Free Consultation with one of our senior workout specialists to see if a workout is a viable strategy for your situation.

A turnaround is a plan which is put in place to “turn-around” the financial results generated by a company. In the most simplistic form, it is intended to grow revenues, grow margins, and cut expenses to the point where the business is cash flow positive. A successful turnaround plan focuses on restructuring the business around a smaller, but profitable, core value proposition which generates productive, positive cash flow.

This plan is executed in a number of straightforward steps:

  • Immediately stabilize the business (cut expenses)
  • Diagnose problems (changing market conditions, financing covenants, etc.)
  • Reorganize the business and finances around a profitable “core” business model
  • Gain creditor commitment and buy-in to the plan
  • Negotiate and restructure debts and obligations
  • Execute
  • Sell or grow the restructured business

This plan is presented by BMC to the key creditors, gaining their buy-in, and then executed.

General consulting usually focuses on one of the key areas of:

  • Sales/Marketing
  • Financial Controls
  • Operations

BMC will target one of these areas in an eight to ten week blitz, working with the client to evaluate their existing situation and create actionable plans that result in tangible results for the client.

Debt Settlement is straight forward business negotiation with the creditors. When faced with a pending default and resulting liquidation, many creditors will chose to engage in a settlement, where they accept a fraction of the debt owed instead of foreclosing and liquidating the collateral.

  • The settlement amount is a negotiated value, usually pegged to the liquidated value of the business collateral (assets)
  • Any deficiency in the balance owed will usually (in the case of secured creditors) become a liability of the personal guarantor
  • Negotiating these settlements can take months, nerves of steel, and there is no crystal ball – the amount can vary by creditor, value of the collateral, market conditions, etc.

If you think you may have a situation where a negotiated settlement is an option, give us a call at (401) 390-3800 for a free consultation.

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