Secured Debt

When in Default on SBA Loan, does it make sense to hire a Lawyer?

When a struggling small business owner misses a payment on an SBA loan, it is flagged as a troubled loan by the bank.  Most of my clients have been diligent about communicating with their bank, so the bank is not really surprised by this event.  However, my clients […]

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SBA Offer In Compromise (OIC)…how to Submit for Approval

So your company failed, and now the bank is asking about your personal assets as a way of collecting on the personal guarantee you signed.  What do you do?  Well one option is to prepare and submit an Offer In Compromise (OIC).   What is this?  It is a […]

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Stop Paying Your Bills and Save Your Business

My clients all come to me with a common question.  There are more bills then cash available…so who should they pay to save the business?  The answer may surprise you.

Any business has five key constituents that must be paid:

suppliers and vendors
tax and licensing […]

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When it comes to SBA loans, Logic is not a factor

Many clients ask me, “but why won’t the bank just restructure my loan?”

And it makes sense…if the bank would only restructure the loan – maybe stretch out the amortization or reduce the interest rate, your company might survive, and in fact, thrive!

So let’s examine […]

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