I had a hotel that failed.  My parents co-signed the loan, and guaranteed it with a hotel that they owned separately.  The SBA was threatening to foreclose on my parents hotel, which was the only source of income for them.  Bridge Management succeeded in gaining releases for me, my parents, and the lien on their hotel, for only $27,000!!

I had spoken to several bankruptcy attorneys, and they were unable to layout a strategy or plan that would accomplish what Bridge Management was able to do.  All they kept talking about was Ch 11 Bankruptcy.

I'm deeply grateful to Bridge and the work that they do.

-B.E., California, 2013

Hotel in CA: $1,800,000 SBA 504 deficiency settled for $27,000
I had 3 tanning salons, one of which was failing.  Sean Rosser and Bridge Management helped me eliminate the lien on my business, without destroying my other businesses.  As a retired police officer, it was important for me to be able to avoid bankruptcy while doing the right thing.

- M.S., Maryland

Tanning Salon in MD: $300,000 in debt settled for $35,000